Input data

Upload .txt data files or interrogate directly your data on a database. You can also load previously saved data or use demo data :

    Upload your data

You can upload classical tab separated .txt files which contains samples (row) x attributes (column) data. Each file will be seen as a table of a database. The rules will be generated between attributes (a1=>a2). The attributes can be quantitative (for which meaningful arithmetic operations make sense) or categorical. Each numerical attribute will be recognized as quantitative attribute. Avoid dot or other specific characters in the name of the attributes. Click on "Add…", select a file (it's possible to renew this operation to upload several files) and then click on "Update" and "Next".

    Load previously saved data

If you have an account and have previously saved data files, you can reload them with the "Load data" button.

    Connect to a database

You can connect to a database by specifying the corresponding parameters. The database must be opened to external accesses. If it's not the case, a solution can be to install RulNet in local, see the Local installation guide for more information.

    Use demo data

Demo data are available directly on the platform, you can choose to use these data and the associated queries to start handling the platform before using your actual data. These data under the convenient format are also available here: Regarding data which have not been published yet, entities' names were concealed.

To use these data, simply click on a dataset right after the "Use demo data" label and then click on the "Next" buttons till the visualization of the network.
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