Once the process is finished, the number of exact and approximate rules is given for each query. Before network visualization (by clicking on the "Next" button), it's possible to restrict the number of rules by applying more stringent filters.

It's also possible to export the rules in a tab delimited file.
For each rule, you will find:

The attributes on the left and on the right hand sides (LHS, RHS);
The associated predicates (if they have a label) (LHS_Pred, RHS_Pred);
The query definying the semantics of the rule (Query);
The four numbers: N, count of X, Y and XUY (N, LHS_Count, RHS_Count, Rule_Count)*;
The associated quality measures (Support, Confidence, Lift, Leverage).

*(See this page for more details).
This file is compatible with Cytoscape (see this page for more details).

You can also save your rules if you are logged in.

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