Network visualization

Once the sources have been selected, RulNet generates a global network with all the rules of the different sources and queries. Each node corresponds to an entity and each edge to a rule.

Each edge can be validated (solid line), unvalidated (dotted line) or deleted (with a right click). They are all unvalidated by default since they require expert validation.

By clicking on a rule, you will see rule details: left and right hand sides, the associated predicates (if they have a label), the query definying the semantics of the rule, the name of the source and the associated quality measures (support, confidence, lift and leverage).

To each query of each source, corresponds a particular color. The correspondance is given by clicking on the "Legend" button.

Different layout can be used to draw the graph. The difference is in the node placement.

In the bottom, you will see the attributes that are not connected. It's possible to remove them by clicking on the "Remove s-a entites" button.

You can also export the network into a .jpg file or save it if you are logged in.

You can also apply new filters on quality measures, selected queries or sources and number of intermediate entities.

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